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Choosing An Air Medical Service With The Right Medical Flight Equipment

In that case, you, like me, have already been trapped in the medication maze. For decades I've listened as clients explained about their challenges to be diagnosed, only to own their hopes dashed if they find themselves trapped in the ADHD medication maze. What's the ADHD medication maze? It's that tangled cycle of hoping to get ADHD medications refilled. Prescriptions not relayed to local pharmacies or faxes getting lost to online medication mailing systems. Suspicious looks from pharmacists when picking right up medications. Refusals by insurance companies to cover prescribed medications. The countless dead ends, backtracking, twists and turns of getting a written prescription through the procedure and own it filled. The ADHD medication maze is really a frustrating web where so many people with ADHD find themselves stuck unsure which way to show and unfortunately many give up and never get an opportunity to feel the possible benefits of ADHD medications.

Theoretically, filling medication prescriptions is allowed to be easy work. The truth is, it rarely goes smoothly. I'd like to inform you about my very own recent experience with hoping to get my medications filled. I am aware lots of you will relate.

I called to make an appointment and per month later got directly into see my doctor who, following a 25-minute wait and a 10-minute appointment, prescribed me my medications. As I left the clinic, I was told a 14-day short-term prescription will be called to my local pharmacy and an email/fax will be delivered to Express Scripts, my mail-order pharmacy. Okey dokey.

Not so bad. Except (you saw this coming, didn't you?) an agenda is as good as its execution.

The following day my local pharmacy auto responder called (nice feature by the way) to i'd like to know my short-term interim medications were willing to be picked up. I was pleasantly relieved and somewhat surprised it had been that uncomplicated. Easy peazy, I thought. I will pick them up on my solution to the airport and just to be sure, allow 15 minutes extra.

And then, in a nanosecond, my stomach dropped, my pulse quickened and I begun to see red. I was annoyed by the entire system. Frustrated because I trusted everyone to do their job. Angry with the realization that so many people get stuck in this medication maze with little support or map to find their way out...

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Side note: I'll admit it... I've a genuine problem with the way medications are dispensed in this country. It's a mad system, high in twists and turns we are expected to navigate in order to get prescriptions filled. It's complicated by monetarily motivated insurance companies who decide what medical care I receive and what I don't. Last time I checked, insurance companies do not have a medical license; they don't have working out to determine whether I continue on a medication or not. My doctor with the advanced M.D. degree should be the one to decide medically what's in the very best interest of my health.